Been talking…

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Been talking with O
’bout her Story and
’bout Story of the Eye too,
’cause y’know – gotta start with some pop culture namedropping,

and then all over the sudden

i said:
“Sock is tossed”
and she said:
“and spool is pulled”
and then i said: “no,
Sock is tossed”
and she said:
“Well, if you insist…”
and i said: “no!”

Few minutes later
i wrote
“hahaha hahahaha hahahaha haha”
but she looked sideways and replied with easy-going strangeward Question Mark.

Indeed, “Sock is tossed” faraway…

We saw some dots comin’
with the train sounds
and then we saw them standing still…
they heard it fly.

for the miracle, for the miracle to come…”

and then the overarching booming voice cracks:
(the undermentioned dramatic event of
bother and vex
just passed by).

We felt whole load of dash curdling

editors note:

Waiting for the other sock to drop (the other dots to come…) – mh clay

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