The Limits of the Sun

by on August 20, 2020 :: 0 comments

Take me to the limits of the sun
Away from the miserable nest
of skeletons, simply because
they remind me of my thirty-five years

Take me back in your warm dream
Where life’s bitterness appears more
like a blooming rose in the direction
of the cemetery, in which we can smile

Take me to the sorrows of our home
To learn how to love without weeping
To learn how to raise you to the rainbow
And learn about each other as we are one heart

Take me somewhere far away so
You and I, we are one route to the darkness
Nobody can get in our way, nor damage us
The ones who are in, they will win and the

Ones who escape will die for being lonely
If you cannot take me anywhere near you
Then allow me to sip on some of the best
poison, since I am weak to go on my own
to the limits of the sun…

editors note:

Leap for the limits; lose the lament. – mh clay

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