The lungs of the city

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O how I miss clean fresh air!
refreshing, purifying, life-giving… oxygen!

Living and working in London you breathe in a spectrum of harmful hazardous foreign bodies.

Carbon monoxide from the millions of gas-guzzling cars, motorbikes, vans, and buses.

Cigarette smoke, vape smoke, factories smoke, and human smoke from hospital chimneys.

At work there is cement dust, plywood shavings and particles, hazardous glue and chemical fumes, and general dust everywhere.

Dust in your nose! Dust in your eyes! Dust in your throat! Dust in your heart!

Now there is the deadly Coronavirus to contend with too! I put on my mask and breathe in oxygen, mustache hairs, and my dark, dark soul.

editors note:

There’s death in the dust. Screen your soul, mask up! – mh clay

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