Hot And Cold

by July 2, 2020 0 comments

At home
I rarely drink
the bottom of
a can of beer
or cup of coffee.

I only like
my beer cold
and my coffee hot.

I reckon this is
mostly because
I am a die-hard
first-world asshole
who grew up in
privilege, where
I can waste
a little coffee
or a little beer.

There are probably
hardcore motherfuckers
in places not as nice
as Texas,
who’d kill a man
for a gulp of coffee
or that last
sip of beer.

Probably in a
knife fight.

Still though,
I don’t think that
will change me.

At least I drink
the whiskey
to the bottom
of the bottle.

So there’s that.

editors note:

Thinking while drinking, mindful mouthfuls. – mh clay

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