The Sunset View

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Now I told her not to rush it
The fall would be as natural as death
Her head was too heavy
Like a clogged drain
Thoughts weighing her down
Her mind cracked before the rest of her

I told her, she was out of shape
Crawling through days of classes
And panicking for each person
Remembering the dates
Forgetting the days
It should be no surprise she fell
Falling a 10 story sprint
She fell like it was a marathon
Swinging limbs striving to reach
The sidewalk in the sky

She was wearing a pink sweater
I told her it didn’t go good with crimson
And falling is a pretty girl’s sport
We all look the same dressed in red
It’s a shame she forgot her glasses,
I told her not to

No one ever comments
On a brilliant sunset
When they fall from the sky

– Grace Giska

editors note:

A pragmatist broaches the subject. – mh clay

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