Slick as the Street

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Drunk in the corner
and raining outside.
Someone reading
Sartre in French.
She came in,
slick as the street,
drank to herself,
but took it all in.
A short hunched-
back sells tablets
for a buck each,
and the chef is
fucking the waitress
while her child
screams for milk.
Some guy on a make-
shift stage is talking
about shooting-up
some nymph, then
licking her from toes
to brow as she
foams in a stupor.
He is a prophet
in his own mind.
The cast of some
bad ‘acid’ film.
In black and white,
with all its noise,
grain and other flaws.
The ‘slick’ one offers
the screaming kid milk,
as he claws her breasts.
A crack of thunder
from outside, and
it’s all gone…
just like that.
My head hangs limp.
Can’t begin to explain.

editors note:

Quarant-erium tremens. Oh my! – mh clay

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