once there was this Mr. Man

by June 5, 2020 0 comments

once there was this Mr. Man
yes you are, and I am
demigods losing the plot
chuckle before you read this
done in by a tiny covid

who let you in
besides oceans and walls
alien pathogen
this country is for our citizens
you just ain’t welcome

Mr. Man, says the virus
you’re your worst nemesis
for a small me
do you even see
the tall lessons
to make you realize
I may be
the next best thing to happen

top economies now on their knees
if panic and fear were solutions
this by now would be behind us
these unusual times urge our kind
pull together, think others
revise our priorities and relevance

editors note:

Riffing relevance from rants and raves. Are you listening, Mr. Man? (Thanks for Dr. Ahmad’s note from the COVID frontlines.)- mh clay

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