Desolation screams

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Desolation screams
Deprivation breeds.
Division leads these
Narrated nightly newsfeeds
Crawling across our TV screens.
Oppressed needs cryin’…

(I can’t breathe)

Treasonous thieves think
Formations of needs please
Corporations’ greeds.
Politicians seek
Division. Feeds these
Agitated seeds moanin’…

(I can’t breathe)

Nation bleeds. Another
Generation squeezed by
Deflated daydreams. Leaves no
Reasons to believe.
Destruction speaks louder than
Asphyxiated pleadings…

(I can’t breathe)

Condemned seeds feeds
Inflated streets.
Suppression leads to
Foundations’ weaknesses.
Revolutions brink with
One voice screamin’…

I! Can’t! Breathe!

One voice speaks…

I can’t breathe.

One voice pleads…

(I can’t breathe)

editors note:

If you CAN (breathe), speak! – mh clay

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