Desk Time

by on June 14, 2020 :: 0 comments

i used to try
to kill time
trying to write—
bending the
back and forth— hoping
to straighten
them out—
but they
would not bend,
i was meaningfully
doing something—
in hot pursuit
of a writing goal—

it eased the
guilt of
meaningless time—
but i wasn’t
really past that—

still it kept me
in the game
blindly slugging
it out with the words—
later i learned
to get out of their way
they seemed to have
an urgency of their own—

they think quite well
as long as i’m there
i didn’t need
to be such a
bully but i did
have to show up

they liked me
giving them space
like most living things.

editors note:

Yes! You gotta show up, then get out of the way. – mh clay

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