The New Projects

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A place of residency where we the people reside, fences and bush rows the only divide, statistics no lie, 95 percent of black’s now residing, homicide ascending, residency no longer strives where blacks are vandalized.

State of emergency, broken legacy, and residency no more, only reminisce of what was, as the black man wears his hood in the hood, wreaking havoc on the black race; his race.

Insurrectionary acts on the other brothers and sisters who are trapped economically and suppressed by a black racist of the same skin color; black Ku Klux Klan, hooded black men without a revolutionary cause, black man don’t ask why white supremacist wear their hoods in what we call the hood, remove the black hoods and restore our black neighborhoods, a percentage of the black nation holds the black neighborhoods hostage with ignorance.

Let us be understood not misunderstood, our heritage shows the truth of real brotherhood.

editors note:

If you aren’t there, you have no idea, but this. – mh clay

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