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Charlie Baguette’s brother Davy
had polio and
used a crutch;
he stood by the porch and
played 45’s on a record player
as Charlie and I stripped the
thorny pulp off horse chestnuts
and put the ebony nuts into
a brown shopping bag
and threw the nuts that night
at the Camel’s house across the street
until cops came with their shining blue
light and
we ran
into the backyard shadows–
the Camel’s thought themselves better
than us, and were mean too
like the German Shepard they kept chained
in their yard;
Davy played Running Bear
Loved Little White Dove
(with a love that never died).
It was the beat of the tom-tom
had set Charlie and me on the

editors note:

All rash acts are rational when driven by a drum. (This poem comes from Wayne’s recently released collection, Escape from Planet Crouton. Congrats, Wayne! Read Mike Fiorito’s review of it in What’s New. Buy your copy of it here. Check it out!. – mh clay

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