ASCII code 17 = DC1

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Agon Hack trains a spellican for heterotopia’s mongod
& mongo not_the_admin_db –eval “db.createUser
({user: \“myuser\”, pwd:\
“mypassword\”, roles: [\“dbOwner\”]}).”
He’s contradictory and heteroglot,
against a backdrop burnt in lixivum.
From Middle French céphalique, from Latin
cephalicus (“head”), from Ancient Greek κεφαλικός
(kephalikós, “capital”), from κεφαλή (kephalḗ, “head”),
the high genres are monotonic.

This is pileata Biblia’s (function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m)
{or he wears a himation worn
over his tunic. Glucagon
secretion is now stimulated by arginine
or glutamines’ Lucretius (via Alfred Jarry),
ancient mystery cults, Saint Paul, Neoplatonism,
Empedocles and Athenian civic ritual.

He admits that Scyphomedusae’s
rocket_launch: rlaunch -w path/to/my_fworker.yaml -l
path/to/my_launchpad.yaml singleshot,
elects his eminent domain.
For decorum’s sake, the scanning frequency is H=30
~275KHz (DP/HDMI)/ 30~160KHz (DVI),
V=48~240Hz (DP/HDMI)/ 50~146Hz.

When addressing the laity, the device control 1
character (DC1), a.k.a. control-Q, or XON,
starts transmission. Raw materials
used for this production are quartzite
(number= 30), chert (N= 22), quartz (= 19), opal
(n=7), agate (n= 6), rhyolite (n= 5), fossil wood (n= 3),
unidentified (n= 2) and quartzitic sandstone (n= 1).
Polydaemons clap and chant
hedocete fesnist atival.

– Daniel Y. Harris

editors note:

A ^Q, crystalline purgatory for a hapless, hedonist hacker. – mh clay

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