The Spring of Our Confinement

by April 30, 2020 0 comments

The neighbor’s cherry tree
a mushroom cloud of pink.
How lovely this spring
In the suburbs!

Awaken queasy at 3
all our homes drifting boats
on a sea of greening lawn
over which we shout

Like thieves we mask
for dinghy excursions
to the islands,
fret over sneezes,
dwindling savings,
wonder if that friend who died…
in winter?

The kids are all home.
It could almost be a holiday.

Bluebirds dart about
hunting likely niches
for their broods.

editors note:

Ahoy, Mateys! (If you’re still trying to add up the numbers from April, read another mad missive from Tony on his page, “April by the Numbers.” Check it out!)- mh clay

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