The Pasture

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The horses feed in the pasture across
from me, the birds fly from tree to tree,
the sky shows its colors in the sunlight,
and the wind is still for now.

These are unaware of what we face.
They are at the mercy of what
we do, though they may have been
teaching us what we have refused.

Our relationship to, with
the natural world – its dangerous,
seductive grace and beauty –
its sense of time skewed

by the false gap, the great lie
that says we are separate from
the world though we have
come to be defined as the creature
who pollutes – air, water, land,
heart and soul and mind and
body – nothing left clean
from our touch.

And we face this pandemic;
surely something will come
to us other than getting
back to where we were.

– Byron Hoot

editors note:

Or, will we wash our hands of this, too? – mh clay

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