Storm’s Coming

by April 21, 2020 0 comments

Can you feel it?
The pressure is building.
A storm’s coming
A bad one.

Not the barometric
Pressure, not that
Kind of storm.

The pressure of
Human struggles,
Of fear, hopelessness
And frustration.

True evil knows just
How to use it.

They take our fears and
Turn them to hate.

And while we’re busy
Each other they
Quietly lock our
Prison doors.

We’ve seen it before
Yet how easily we
Fall into its grip.

How much blood
Will we allow to spill
Before we stop letting
Them manipulate us?

Will we ever learn?

We call out the others hate
And ignore our own.
While those
Behind the scenes,
Smile, knowing they’ve
Already won.

editors note:

Who’s gonna buy your big umbrella? – mh clay

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