Florida Man Burns Down House Trying To Bake Cookies On George Foreman Grill

by April 23, 2020 0 comments

Florida Man opened the door
when the fire trucks arrived
closed the door again.

Florida Man opened the door
when the cops arrived
walked deeper inside
his smoke-filled house.

Florida Man
to the toxic fumes,
in oxygen masks
the furious blaze.

Florida Man
uninjured, unaware
by two liters of vodka,
fired up
got the munchies
got the idea
to bake cookies
on his George Foreman grill.

When orange flames licked
his modest home
blackening walls
Florida Man
of bad decisions
damped the fire
with dry towels
while his cookies
got baked
to a hard char.

editors note:

What crazy thing has gotten away from YOU while in quarantine? Take care, Friends! – mh clay

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