dusk dying…

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dusk dying etherized,
do dooryards doubt?

Do Do do do
dress drop drown
downed drains?

growing hair hair hair hair!) hair
— half-deserted Hamlet hands
make marmalade, and matter matter;
if impossible

out overwhelming overwhelming oyster-shells:
peacefully! peach?
question question, question…

singing skirts – sky’s
pillow-pillow pinch,
Slipped smile,
jaw meaningless
motion motion;
twinkle tide

So so so so


Murmur music
“mountain mountains mountains mountains mountains
mountains mountains mountains mountains, mouth”

brown brown brown brown
But But But But But But But But But but but BY
cicada’s chuckle
la la la la

editors note:

“Partially constructed out of and written around my and my wife’s attempts to memorize Eliot’s Prufrock and spell it like a tonguetwister. Pretty much a bunch of mondegreens strung together into a cohesive narrative” Yes! – mh clay

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