a lousy cheeseburger

by April 13, 2020 0 comments

the way her ass used to shake
haunts you every time she walks
out of your mind

i once did a line of cocaine off
a hooker’s fine ass

she charged me $50 to let me
watch her blow my friend

i never told her he hadn’t
coughed in weeks

i tend to laugh when someone
is murdered and cry when the
homeless rob a child for money
to eat a lousy cheeseburger

it’s the quiet nights alone,
listening to old otis redding
records, wondering which
plane crashes next

i never wanted to be famous

i once had a woman congratulate
me on mission accomplished

i still laugh when i see her behind
the counter at burger king

holy shit, you sure this thing is
made from plants

if i actually liked people

i suppose i wouldn’t have
to drink alone

editors note:

An uncloyed curmudgeon; well versed in distancing, social and otherwise. – mh clay

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