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I may relapse with the company of a bottle of peppermint schnapps, now I become Japanese kamikaze crashing to my death no way out, me and peppermint schnapps.

Perhaps I will dodge the bullet and not pull the cork from the bottle and say screw it now I will not awake with a smell of peppermint schnapps fluid.

Perhaps I will remember the steps while the clock strikes twelve as I prevail, driving nails into that craving beast that dwells inside of my fragile frame of a shell, so I will not feed the hunger of that beast inside.

To be happy I left the dry river, trees without leaves that bare no shade, no more quivers nor heaves from cascading beer cans and whiskey bottles shadow lingers, step by step I see clear, no more fears, I maintained as the seasons changed and words of my peers made me brave to fight the crave.

editors note:

Words make brave to fight the crave. Yes! – mh clay

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