Skyscrapers and Ants

by on January 14, 2020 :: 0 comments

They stand over the hurling mass below like shiny, pointy giants. They look down at a million different dots swarming around the streets, all going in different directions but ending up at the same destination.

The reflections of scattered clouds, blackbirds, the endless azure sky and other colossal siblings shimmer and distort in the cold, cold glass.

Evening slowly descends over the metropolis. Thousands of golden orbs gaze out from the behemoths like hazy eyeballs glowing in the darkness.

Down below some of the swarm try to sleep at their feet. The dots shake, move and curl themselves up into a ball to get warm.

A blood orange sunrise majestically climbs up the glass giants while the organs, blood cells and arteries manoeuvre inside their hollow bodies.

editors note:

The ultimate ant farm from a thousand foot view. – mh clay

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