My Cyborg Self

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My intellectual me,
my boosted ego,
my acceptance among
the highbrows,
my relevant voice,
my manufactured intelligence,
my shortcut to wisdom,
my dexterous fingers that push
the right buttons,
my knowledge of their functions,
the new me that grew out of my self,
the mechanical man that surfaced,
that left his heart on the way,
that made discoveries from
pushing the right buttons,
bypassing the love of finding things
as they reveal themselves
before my eyes and sink into my heart,
the joy of a new revelation,
an accumulated wisdom
that clings to my understanding
and enters my silent depth,
the treasure chest in my soul,
my intelligence that breathes;
for I know that they
will never abandon me.

My cyborg self, the new me,
made of plastic and intelligence
with a mechanical brain
and metal heart,
who lost his passion for learning,
who relies on technology to breathe,
look at my new world
with an empty heart,
who knows how high
the highest mountain is, but not
the path leading to the summit.

editors note:

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