All Hate Day

by January 1, 2020 0 comments

catch the moment
scattered presents telling truths
and quiet Love speaking
to a World of misguided reasoning, poised
to ignore and accept in seasonal warmth

yes, cooler winds will return, chilling
theatrical playpens around the Global stage
and right will have to wait another year
but for a moment, the faces will be the same
alien eyes will not see disparity
my dog will not be bigger than yours
and instant forgiveness can hold the beast at bay

perhaps a trend can be broken
and Christmas Year will find its way
All Hate Day can be the new order, victorious
ruinations can be gifted in a single event,
eliminating the need for disingenuous Love

and wouldn’t Madison Avenue thank us all,
as we truly could not get enough

I think I will surrender the folly of New Year’s Resolutions
and try a Year of New resolutions, each day a chance
to rid an ill-placed notion or drop a slanted catchphrase
maybe see things your way one day and deliver a pizza
to Domino’s

no sense kidding myself with another diet plan
sure to be abused by the third quarter of the Super Bowl
let’s go for it all
one massive set up for failure, as kind thoughts
upon sweet dreams
into an impossibility of being
more than I know I can ever be

I don’t mind carrying the extra weight

editors note:

Yes, each day a chance. Carry THAT weight. – mh clay

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