christmas sucks

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some days are better
than others that aren’t
but Christmas just sucks

the money
the lies
you know you don’t like Uncle Bill
then why are you hugging him ? get real !!!

and your sadness about not getting anything… screw you !!!

you should be thankful you ARE !!!
did you REALLY get anyone anything that matters ?
Oh yea… WHAT ??? A watch… woohoo
a new toy… China thanks you

how about something with potential… like… a GUN !!!
you know… where you can have an impact… be remembered… HA !

what did you get last year ? HUH ?

Don’t recall… sounds like you didn’t get what you wanted !!!!
Oh, and what did you give ??? I bet you remember what and more so, how much it cost !

ok, ok… so I’m an asshole, right ?

walk to the mirror

now, question your every deed this past year
think hard and long and true

can you remember ?
the tip you picked up off a counter
the guy you cut off that morning
flipping the bird to that old lady
not showing up for your kid’s game
calling your wife a whore
telling your husband you were at the mall, when you were… ???
forging your time card at work

oh, enough you say ?
fair enough then… I’ll stop
heck, it’s Christmas time

Merry Christmas… now go out and enjoy yourself at those parties everybody’s having… maybe print this and bring it with you for laughs… get all snookered up and drive home…. maybe you can help someone else have a Christmas they can remember… for all the wrong reasons.

editors note:

A Grinch’s grab for hollow-day cheer! (Rest Ye Merry) – mh clay

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