Sometimes Miracles Happen

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For years, it was the same.
The headphones rode your head
As you rode the swivel of your chair.
Manning the controls of your computer,
You were a pilot in space somewhere.

Or you whirled in a trance
Around our kitchen,
Creating a feast out of a mess.

Or you lounged with the lizards
On our backyard deck,
Dreamily surveying your gardens
And your inner landscape.
You were in the zone.

I boomed “TONYYY!!”

Or I sent out a tender “Tonyla.”

Even nudged my lips to your earlobe, “Sweetheart.”

Sometimes you answered. Sometimes not.

And then.
Something new happened.
I didn’t notice it at first.
I don’t know how or why or when or where,
It just happened.

A pattern emerged to my awestruck wonderment.
A trick. A charm.
A name that embraced both endearment & annoyance.

All I have to do is slip its two syllables into my mouth
And blow their magic straight to your ears,

And you say, “WHAAAT?!” Or you say, “Yes, my darling, yes.”
And then we talk. And it is good.

editors note:

With a tickle or a two-by-four; once gotten, it IS good. – mh clay

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