Since you asked, I’m thankful for…

by November 28, 2019 0 comments

hot coffee on cold mornings, mountains on horizons, live music, goats, art, the ability to create, basil, john, eating and laughing and drinking with my best friends, the jitters before a vacation, pops laugh, mamas smile, both of their hugs in equally important ways, the candles that my friend makes, swimming in the greenbelt, a full day of drawing, light rain on the roof, trees – especially when the leaves are orange red yellow, songs that give me chills, traveling by foot in a new place, a great big stretch, her eyes, her freakin laugh, the way her shirts smell, winning at pool, chicago, lessons in retrospect, the ways pain has served me, the ways i adapt heal evolve and learn, my room at night with candles lit and music playing, the ocean, cigarettes when I’m drunk even though I shouldn’t, sleeping in, my plants, plants in general, laying in the sun when the sun doesn’t hurt, being right in the middle of a great new book, vegan pizza, curly hair, clouds, finishing a project, feeling good sore, friendships that pick up where they left off, waking up somewhere new and beautiful, waking up at all every time, laughing so hard it starts to hurt, cows, soft blankets, breeze & buffalo cauliflower.

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