Giving of thanks.

by on November 28, 2019 :: 0 comments

That’s the true spirit of this day and one I strive to maintain and attempt to attain day-by-day. I truly try to freely give a sincere attitude of gratitude at every predawn morn I’m blessed to receive. I pray it, every day, knowing that everything I have, have had and will have is gifted and never a given.

The cognizance of blessings alone begets holier appreciations of what I do have. I know that someday I may not have all that I do. I may have more. I may have less. But right here, right now I have everything I need and daily I pray for and give thanks for…

A roof over my head to keep the heat in & my head dry on cold & damp gray days, to keep me cool and chilled on hot & humid summer days, sheltered and secured always.

These clothes that cover my mortal flesh & bones, sometimes fashionable, most time not, but what I got is usually sensible, always practical, definitely comfortable.

The food on my table to sustain the life force swirling in me and our fellow man that gives us animation, free will, and divine imaginations.

The labors we trade to get paid so that we can afford these aforementioned hierarchical necessities needed to live another hour, day, month, year.

A deep love in my heart for this precious gift called life and deep reverence for all who have come and gone & for those here and now, the nearest and cherished loved ones coloring my world thru these many moons so fine & divinely.

This deep-seated peace in my soul, my hearth, a source of retreat, of meditation, of experience, of expression.

I pray every day for these precious things to hopefully guarantee I do not take them for granted.

I pray knowing that even if it’s just me listening in, the reverence I have for these everyday blessings will always bring a deep-seated appreciation of these spiritual, material, creative, monetary & wellness prosperities.

I pray, with all my might to say the two simple words that, when sincerely paired, carry so much meaning and emotion:


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