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Sitting back
and watching,
after readings,
as they
share a
stick or
cheap booze.
Although I
cannot indulge,
I am
still enriched
by ‘Bohemians.’
Discussing the
‘Beats’ or
the ‘Lost
Generation’ over
peanut butter
sandwiches and
black coffee
till all
hours can
be therapeutic.
Quoting Blake,
Trashing Pound,
Exalting W.
C. Williams,
Committing Poe
To memory
In spite.
Speculating on
becoming noble
‘expatriates’ living,
barely thriving.
Great nights.
Love to
run them
again plus
ten… worth
at least
a couple of
college educations.

editors note:

What makes our madness magical. Yes! Again plus ten… – mh clay

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