Up To The Minute Mindset Virus

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Hours and hours of escapism…
Numbing videos and games;
Watch as others Sanitize keyboards and surrounding area,
Germaphobe in a Surgical mask.
Choosing the most infested places.
Annoying Repetitious sounds and
Contemporary lingo lacking depth of thought!
They coexist and colink!
Phase to fashion create the next fad,
The only thing I keep saying
Is, Keep your distance!
Afraid of a different type of infection…
Shudder. Shudder. Shudder.
Public place seems the most contagious.
It spreads to different screens in different forms;
Live on the street and escape into the screen.
Plague unleashed mindset virus!
Up to the minute and current conditions.
Engage in Mediocrity and Monotony nothing else given any thought!
Mindset Virus controls the life you live over and over again…

– Mr. Authenticity

editors note:

Stay clean! No screens! (You, too, can fight Subliminally Transmitted Diseases) – mh clay

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