Bitter Cold Can Burn

by on October 17, 2019 :: 2 comments

Perhaps the fires of hell
are meant to describe
a wintry mix rather than that of flames.
Greetings and affection met with chilly, cutting
aloofness can break hearts and stretch the nerves raw.
Such deep and keen, sharp pain within the breast,
the sting of rejection felt in sinews,
like a pitchfork,
such will freeze the blood
of all but the most heartless, soulless beast.

editors note:

True hell; what we do to each other. – mh clay

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  1. Hem Raj Bastola

    I think better to stop such selfish cold drink. If it burns like fire, and freezes like the ice. It would have been better not have drunk. But who knows such arcane heart. Better stay calmer now till it gets tranquil. Peace peace peace.

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