The Tooth Fairy Is An Ivory Hunter

by on September 28, 2019 :: 0 comments

Smile for our family photo, it will haunt a hallway.
Our photographer prayed for face bones.

Give us this day our daily enamel.
Let us forgive those who don’t floss but speak.
He SHUTTERED at those born with 32 thousand dreams
but are now down to gums.

Going gray until color’s not all that’s gone.

As a teen, my dumb wisdom teeth grew sideways,
as wrong as love goes, so a dentist took a few extra
so my jaw worked too perfectly by adulthood and
I always thought they went into my grandma’s dentures.

“Did you pray, son?” Yes! But no one asked if I brushed.

Yesterday forgets before we have an opportunity to,
same as brushing. This picture’s the same, we’re changed.
No one kisses like they used to because they never used to
have enough teeth to assemble a thin cannibal’s bracelet.

Women love jewelry and I’ve made a flashy necklace.

Everyone I’ve kissed was just inspecting teeth to take
or taste words shared with others. These bones deserve better
than me but it all stops at fangs, the tongue, and never digs
to this one deep heart.

That monster keeps growing teeth.

editors note:

Smile but don’t bite; keep incisors in sight. Threaten love; at least, a good brushing. (Read another mad missive on Tyler’s page; after the bitin’, comes the lickin’ – check it out.) – mh clay

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