Reunion on Sandy Boulevard

by on September 27, 2019 :: 0 comments

Perched on the edge of the
Howard Johnson shuttle van
in my dark red clogs,

I turn my feet sideways,
place them slow motion
on the side panel,
descend into the parking lot.

Cold torrential downpour:
puddles on gray asphalt,
December air fuggy and close.

We waited two years,
and you look different
than I remember: pallid,
anxious, but familiar as shoes.

In an hour, we will try again
to find everything
we did our best to hide.

Afterward, we’ll open the window,
exclaim about the unseasonable
warmth. Four days until
I return to my husband,
and you to the flatlands, defeated.

Meanwhile, my heavy soles:
all I have to keep me upright.

You devour a microwaved burrito
from the corner mini-mart,
our small room reeks of toxins.

“You’re in Portland now,”
I say. “There’s no excuse
for bad food or bad sex,”
but I’m sure you won’t remember.

– Leah Mueller

editors note:

Some old flames are best left spent. – mh clay

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