No Matter Our Choices

by September 8, 2019 0 comments

Yes, we persist on giving popularity greater primacy than compassion.
We’re known to board rockets to nowhere, to throw riches into sewers,
To invite in commensalism, to otherwise escort disturbing values. We
Want for: attention, fortitude, awareness that worlds aren’t playthings.
As well, hardly any persons among us challenge these skint principles.

Life’s not just picnics in urban parks, frolicking in countryside glens,
Media-driven, saturated insights. Rather, each lickspittle contributes
To the growing morass of mindless actions. Little else remains when
Good deeds are incarcerated, kindness gets flayed, benevolence goes
Missing, solitude trumps neighborliness, fur stands on end, regularly.

Yet, no matter our choices, there exists the hope of rescue creatures.
Regardless of ambition, few chiefs give ear to captives. Irrespective
Of yesterday’s actions, iterate music belonging to sycophants, rings
Off-key. Notwithstanding insufficiently amassed wisdom, if we’re
Alive, scuttling sins brings about reclamation (no fettle’s absolute.)

editors note:

No sins, no savior; aliens notwithstanding. – mh clay

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