One of those bohemian arrangements.

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we had sex
only once,
in the bathroom with her friend outside.
and we were standing up, balancing her ass
on the lip of a frigid sink, and her tit
hung from my mouth
like a dog
with a dead pheasant. afterward
they both left
while sunlight was warming the morning, streetcars starting,
the bats all going
to bed.

next time I saw her
was 11pm
and she was back again
with her boyfriend. he was 60, she was 22;
one of those
bohemian arrangements
which make everyone who sees them
uncomfortable – but she said she liked him anyway
so what else could anyone

and then suddenly
it was 4 months later
and I was in boston visiting a friend,
and she called and told me
she was tired of him and tired
of drugs, and wanted out of it. I told her I’d call
when I was back in toronto,
and I did,
and got no answer. saw her again
a while later one night.
I offered to buy her
a cup of tea.
she said no. I left toronto
soon after that
and forever. it was one of those hot
and dried out summers
and the evenings
all full of air.

– DS Maolalai

editors note:

A hard thing to see (if you’re 22); a wishful thing to be (if you’re 60). – mh clay

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