Deathbed : A Custom Tour from Everafter

by on August 3, 2019 :: 0 comments

This one will start before you begin
with a twisting insanity and sleep
right next to near
near knowing what you mean

The white noise middle is starting
floating here with so many
while the bright assassin’s still
safeguarding our dormant beginning

His saline born slug waits
as we deepen a groove
already set in rest
rest on a yesterday

A clear channel coast unseen
with a twisting insanity and sleep
he packs his joyous gun for travel
throttles our first dark epiphany

Shot wild now across everything
a flashback thrust at eternity
so we can rise and savor
savor ending as the dream

editors note:

Endings to beginnings to white noise in between; not so dark after all. – mh clay

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