“no other place to go”

by July 22, 2019 0 comments

Such a comfortable hell
with the pillows all lined up
Even a bucket if I throw up
the possibilities of getting up
From a state so pleasant
its misery has the sweetest touch
Rushed with tricks of the mind
that crush everything that was before they arrived
However this hell is comfortable
but it is not affordable for me
I see it coming in the door’s panels
Perfectly staged is an exit that is too strict
and brittle to ignore
Can not live like this anymore
in my comfortable hell they say
With the papers to state their claim
So I inhale a bent breath that would be my last
Discovered the night before
There was no other place to go

– Uzomah Ugwu

editors note:

With no place but hell, best shelter in place. – mh clay

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