Lotus in a crescent moon

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Dawn rings
The bell of light.
In every day break,
Riding seven horses of the sun
The disc of heaven
Came out from the east.
Glittering in the waters
Of Ganga.

Here the water is not clean anymore.
Here the soul is not clean anymore.
Here the nature is not clean anymore.
The world of material greed:
Destroying the value, of spirit!
Value, of nature.

And I envision
Terror struck in a dream:
Land shake, slide and churn,
With big waves, like the fountain flush
Jumping high and resting low,
As the cataract.

Tectonic forces,
Overlap the plates and swap.
Like in the hands of a waiter.
This change in nature, inviting Shiva!
The universal, preparing to perform
His cosmic dance of death.

Here, my despondent
And salubrious appeal
To stop the end and to irradiate
The peace.

Infuriated sky,
Thundering to open: the veins of spring.
When will echo the smile
Of the earth again?

In order to acclaim the peace,
Fertile seeds of my brain,
Musing to plant the lotus
In the crescent moon.

editors note:

A little horticulture; seasonal blooms to irradiate the peace. Yes! – mh clay

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