Let me write my ass off

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For the morning waking
For the afternoon delights
For the evening swoon
For the burning midnight oil dripping from the cocaine artists’ noses, that drip
Drip. Drip. Drops of semen
From last night blues version of life

Let me write until my head hurts
For silence
For fucks sake
For the cringing
For the disabled veterans

Let me write while the tv loses signal
For the white noise in the hood
For the white boy in the hood
For the white man on the horse and hood
For the strange fruit of forever February
For the chalk outlines of 998 people shot and killed by police in 2018 and 80 and counting in 2019

Let the ink spill between the cracks.
On paper and walls, on cardboard signs held by frozen hands. Oh Chicago!

Let me write poems
For the voters who say yes to walls
With a big fuck you instead of a thank you
For the LGBT let’s add the Q without question and for the closeted you
Signed, I Love You
For the lonely you
For the darkness of you
For the lip syncing you
For the tongue swallowing you
For the unprotected sexy you

So let me write my ass off for you
And yours and them and theirs
Then when I’m done

Burn it all down
to the fucking ground

What ignited a revolution?

– Edward Vidaurre

editors note:

God bless ours and all countries where someone writes their ass off and the rest of us read them. – mh clay

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