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Found The Doc but he was dying so I lost him again
Found an old high school classmate who talked nonstop about himself
Found our Football Queen but time had not been kind to her
Found my best college friend but he had found Jesus didn’t need me
Found my old boss who wanted me to join him drunk on his boat
Found an old neighborhood friend who posted 100,000 images of cats
Found an old gymnastics team buddy still living at home
Found a semi-famous poet I admired who ignored me
Found an old work buddy but he didn’t remember me
Found an old poet friend who sent me all his books

     an old artist friend who showed me all his art

Found my first girlfriend who wanted to be my girlfriend again

     that’s when my wife said enough is enough.

editors note:

At a loss for likes, findings can’t confirm all requests yield right reciprocities. – mh clay

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