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Do wat you do wen you do ‘um
and try not to ovah tink too much.

No need speculate
on wat dey no can regulate

cause dat island lingo
like wun wild dingo

going continue to circulate.

Going be in books
going be on signs

going be on da streets
and inside da minds

of all da people
dat stay doing

wat dey been doing
foa long time already.

So watevah going come
going come

weadah you help it along
or not.

If you like be wun critic
den good foa you

cause people wit da kalakoa tongue
no care wat you say.

Talk da kine is everywheah

and everywheah
wen you share story and make anykine

is wun wonderful place to be.


(kalakoa – multicolored)

editors note:

Making something from nothing, unlike anything else. Yes, wonderful! (Joe has a new book published, Pidgin Eye. You can get your copy here – check it out!) – mh clay

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