It was all a dream

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I had a dream mom didn’t find you hanging
from the banister of the stairs with a cable chord
wrapped around your neck.

They found a cure for MS and you could
walk again, and you loved seeing your
grandson Clark.

I no longer took the time we had for
granted so we started spending more
of it together, going to bars, and basketball
games to watch the Raptors play. Then
you’d tell me how much better the old
generation was; how Clyde Drexler was
underrated, how Larry Bird had the biggest
heart, and how Magic Johnson was just that—

You and mom grew old together and enjoyed
your retirement; often going on vacations
where she would make you take awkward
tourist photos which you hated, but you
returned the favor by getting drunk and
saying something inappropriate in front
of a group of strangers.

Eventually when your time came, you passed
away peacefully in your sleep and if life was fair
that could’ve happened, and I wouldn’t have a woke
from that dream into the nightmare that is reality.

– David Boski

editors note:

Maybe our dreams (the good ones) are parallel realities. Maybe we should keep dreaming, just like this. – mh clay

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