A Wink by a Nod

by April 9, 2019 0 comments

A morning cut short
by decisions
made in the wink of a night,
those moments when you
stopped, turned, reckoned
and celebrated a simple progress
by and about
every yen you ever aimed for
when you lay awake
with eyes wide
and out of order.

In the light of a blink
you attempt to stop
that headlong and dawdling crash
into a stunted future
where you are no longer able
to sustain growth.

But daylight makes a habit
of white-washing those
directions, and next you know
you’ve turned desire
into disdain and
all hell breaks loose.

– Charlotte Ozment

editors note:

What was clear in the night strikes fear in the light. Sometimes, the dream is better. – mh clay

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