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When do we ever
Turn loose
Acrid ash
Nostril twang
Dust to dust off
Shabby shoes
To walk the path
A little more alone
Than before

When do we ever
See light
In dark fog distant glimmers
Of shapes suggested
Slight shimmering
Odd nods to existence
Enjoyed once
And then never

When do we ever
Grab on
To manes engraved
On carousel steeds
In white knuckled
Engulfed in calliope cacophony
Spinning into inevitability
Into unavoidable eventuality

When do we ever
Find peace
With abrupt absences
Untimely ripped
To rieve bereft
Left behind
Left to cope
With one step to follow
After other
Life unkind
Without father mother
Unknown the path
For us
As for them

When do we ever

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