Communing with the Self

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Only that much of the trail
is mine
which I’ll cover up
I cannot say
when the trail will stab me
from behind, when I will
a long exhalation.

Life is all in the walking,
in getting somewhere
in being found out
in the steps taken
erased in the footmarks
left behind…
Life is
a strange revelation…
a convergence
of myths and realities.

Oh the brooding Rara*
brimming way up to the sore eyes!
Oh the heart’s squelching
in deep dark of life!
Even one’s own shadow
until the bright stars appear.
Just a little beam of light
unveils the way from darkness;
and I want you to be
that light on to yourself. Illumine
the core of your being, and see
how the whole life brightens…

*The biggest and deepest fresh water lake in Nepal

editors note:

Self discovery from the journey of self. But, you have to step out… – mh clay

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