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a city plow truck outside
tearing open the late morning
with an angle of snow pushed
to the side
and inside the house
a tin with a few Christmas cookies remaining
on the kitchen counter
the half-empty booze bottles
from the night before
wrapping paper torn and stuffed
into the trash full to the top
the laughter of young nieces
and the political banter of the adults
all done and quiet now
the house is a blanket tossed on
an unmade bed
all quiet but for the plow truck
and the faint snores of the terrier
on the couch
the tree seems more than empty
with lights unplugged
open space under it but for the
tomcat asleep there
we sit the two of us
aging aunt and uncle alone in the house
after the last guests have left on their travels
we sit sipping coffee as it warms our lips
waiting for a new year.

editors note:

Use this day for repose and recall. In the New Year, we’ll clean up all (maybe… maybe not). – mh clay

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