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You don’t know it, but you inspired me today
You threw your hand out of your window in a peace sign as you were changing lanes
And I’ll never meet you
I’ll never know your name
It wouldn’t matter if you were Jewish, black, or gay, because we really are the same
And maybe it is the end of the world
“The final stage of Evolution”
Well, so what if it is?
I’d like to see a revolution
I’d like to see people care
about a little bit more than the box office
or what celebrities wear
I’d like for people to pay more attention
to the words that they choose
And the things that they mention
But it’s just me wishing out loud
I’ve got my head in the clouds
All I want from humanity is a reason to be proud
Because we are going downhill
Or maybe it’s just the way it’s always been
But I want better than mundane if this really is the end
I haven’t lived long
But I’ve had enough time
to appreciate the night sky
and the way that words rhyme
I can’t help but feel
that we’ve lost that sense of real emotion
It’s what we try so hard to kill
with our mindless ways to pass the time;
drugs, alcohol, social media,
and all of these TV shows about crime
But it’s not too late, we don’t have to destroy ourselves
I’m trying to change the world
and I’m asking for your help

– Kerby Purser

editors note:

I’m in! Happy New Year! – mh clay

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