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This is the thing, the core,
the white-hot molten heavy metal
at the center of it all.

This is the moment of truth
or consequences
and you really don’t want to know
about the consequences.

No friendly shadows here,
no cover and no u-turns allowed.

This is the beating bloody heart
of the matter, with all its
irregularities and arrhythmias.

This is the times
and they are a-doing something,
I’m just not sure what.

This is the place where
everything happens
that can’t be postponed or avoided,

the place where we lock eyes,
hands, legs, pelvises,

hold tight to each other
like a pair of mongrel dogs fighting
over a great big juicy bone.

Sure, it may be a few days past
its gnaw-by date
but it’s still mighty tasty.

editors note: Yes! It and all and only until the next is it. – mh clay

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