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Tentacles can be such a dirty word,
devious, circuitous to a degree, buried in such
a cunning connotation that says more than
what you may want to hear.

Say it out loud with me,
then say it out loud to yourself 7 times.
Don’t you think it sounds a bit dirty?
If I tell you over and over like the proverbial
diamond needle stuck in a scratched groove
on an antiquated black vinyl album,
you will know it is dirty, and you will avoid it on the streets.
Tentacles, tentacles, gonna-grab-you-with-my-nasty-tentacles,
leave big sucker whelps all over your neck, back, and upper legs.
Go look in the mirror
and tell me that I wasn’t serious.

– John Dorroh

editors note: Some suckers for such succor, say, “Stick’em!” – mh clay

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