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Go, pack, leave. Be past tense,
deceased. Party, travel — jungle,
ruins, desert, dirty beach.

Museums, monuments, ghettos
back East. Fly home, collapse,
die alone in the street.

Family circle, land, search
attic for gold, freezer for cash,
argue, fake grief. Lawyer, smooth,

likely to look up brewhaha,
find brouhaha, bill it as research,
write a new will, bill that too.

editors note: No peace with the rest in pieces. – mh clay

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  1. pilgrimtima@gmail.com'

    I became weary of never having received a comment, so I registered to leave one. My streak is broken. Yes! And, now for a short poem:

    Last one clapping
    Uber goal to achieve — applaud longer 
    than anyone else. Instant success,
    nothing left to chance, no dream
    downstream — like rock star,
    beauty queen, Nobel prize for peace.

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