Ironic, Ain’t It?

by September 2, 2018 0 comments

while constantly
being re-reminded
by the representatives
of forces

larger than ourselves,
from time
to time
to time, of one’s (seemingly

pre-ordained and inescapable)
holding place
in whatever
grand (or even less than
grand) schemata of peoples /
places / things
you happen to currently find yourself
steeped in,
is indeed sobering; it also,
(maybe not-so) oddly enough,
in turn, makes the notion

of pulling several monster
off a bong
made from an adorably
ceramic bunny and
sipping on a quadruple
while flipping
back and forth between
a (sur)reality show about
Amish gangsters and
bat-shit religious programming
on the local access channel,
sound like just as good
a way as any
to start
the day.

– Jason Ryberg

editors note:

Yup! It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood… – mh clay

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