Swapping Pronouns

by July 2, 2018 0 comments

I dropped the /, borrowed the you.
The / was loud, straight-forward.
Its thinness, its lack of depth put me off.
I felt dizzy, I feared its height,
besides I can curl up inside the you,
sit on its y, burrow through its o, curl up on its u.

I dropped an eye inside my head,
the mess scared me, I must confess.
I didn’t recognize the / I was before,
it must have been changed into that other self
I wrote about on other shores,
when he showed up six years ago.

Pardon my didacticism, my prosaicness.
I have never claimed to be full of prowess.
You may be better at words craft
you will become my dead drop, my new hide,
like a snake sheds its skin, I swap pronouns.
/ drops the ball, you takes it all.

editors note:

Don’t mean to be an /, but YOU have something here. – mh clay

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